Vidéo gratuite chez Vanishing

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Vidéo gratuite chez Vanishing

Message par Camalot » mer. 8 mai 2019 16:19

Pour les 10 ans de Vanishing, vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement une vidéo d'une durée de 2h25, avec un programme copieux.

10 Year Anniversary Download Bundle
Magic download (video) by Vanishing Inc. (Free)
To celebrate our tenth birthday, we have picked out ten downloads, each one special for a different reason, for you to enjoy. $50 of amazing magic for free!
This is our gift to you. A small thank you for being a part of our journey over the last ten years. We've had the time of our lives and we cannot wait for the next ten years!

Reswindled by Caleb Wiles - It all started here! We kick off with our very first Vanishing Inc. Artist, Caleb Wiles, doing a trick that we STILL consider to be the very best "Reset" routine ever created. It was one of our first downloads, and now it's yours for free.

From the Center- from Andi's GAMBLE download. This unusual take on a center-deal demo (no actual centers required) has a novel premise and is sure to impress anyone who loves gambling mateiral.

A Lady Up My Sleeve from Giobbi on Garcia - An excerpt from one of our favorite and most overlooked products. We asked Roberto Giobbi to revisit the work of Frank Garcia--to talk about the man and the material, and teach highlights from his repertoire. This is a shining example.

Pelikaan's Hole Change - Peter Pelikaan is THE master of packet trick magic, so we're giving you a packet effect in which we were COMPLETELY fooled. We think you will be, too.

Grade A Choice by John Guastaferro- John G is one of our favorite creators to work with. He exudes a calm, kind, and fluid demeanor, and his magic is always exceedingly smart and refined. This is one of our favorite routines by John.

Buckle-lectors from Cullology - Perhaps the best trick in this collection on the culls, it predates Harapan Ong's smash hit Principia, but don't overlook this stunning Collectors routine.

Prediction Cards from Tu - We feature a beautiful and self-working trick by team member Tu! Three prediction cards are removed from the deck and placed aside. The spectator selects a card and places it under their hand to ensure that it cannot be switched. The prediction cards are turned over one by one. The first reveals the color of the card, the second reveals the suit and the last reveals the value. When the selection is turned over, it matches the prediction perfectly. This is an impromptu effect which works every time.

Alex Elmsley Lecture - We miss Alex Elmsley, and this is an excerpt from a lecture he gave late in life. This is the closest we can now be to sitting down and learning from this legendary mind.

Mecka by Dan and Dave - We wanted to include something from our recent acquisition of Art of Magic, and so we're featuring a stunning flourish by Dan and Dave Buck.

It Cuts Deep from Super Strong Super Simple - Ryan Schlutz released an entire collection of self-working magic on Super Strong, Super Simple, and this is a great way to showcase the quality of that material, as well as his skills as a performer and teacher.

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Re: Vidéo gratuite chez Vanishing

Message par Mamax » mer. 8 mai 2019 18:35

WoW, merci de l’info

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Re: Vidéo gratuite chez Vanishing

Message par Mamax » mer. 8 mai 2019 20:27

Ahhhhhh pas de bol , que des cartes .......

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Re: Vidéo gratuite chez Vanishing

Message par carredas31 » jeu. 9 mai 2019 07:11

Ouh pas mal !! Bon, le fait que ce ne soit que des cartes n'est bien évidemment pas pour me déplaire (quelle surprise ! :D ), mais c'est vrai qu'ils auraient pu varier un petit peu ;)